A project full of color.

ColorCine is more than a movie poster store. It is a tribute to art. A colorful gallery full of memories. It is the perfect combination of cinema and color. And we, besides being true cinema fans, live fascinated by the use of color in films, by the wonderful cinematography it provides and by the emotion we feel whenever a film stands out for its own colors.

Kandinsky once said that "color is a power that directly influences the soul", and we want to provide that experience, transposing to a poster the unforgettable colors of the cinematographic world. Each of the lines represents a frame of your favorite film or episode and thus you’ll be able to identify its various moments.

We want these posters to be special, a creative reflection of the most striking films, so you can color your spaces with creative posters of the movies and TV series of your life and remember them whenever you want. Forever.

The collection will certainly grow and new posters will be added over time.

March, a colorful month in itself.

ColorCine is another of our monthly challenges. And because it's a project about color, launching it in March makes perfect sense. It’s the time when Spring comes and with it our life gets filled with color. Now, it's also the time to choose the posters that will color your walls!

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Last but not least, CuraCine.

CuraCine, our previous project, was at the origin of everything. A curated list that highlights the best films and TV series based on mastery, reaction and theme, helped us choose the films that stand out in terms of color, and from there, we started to process the films and generate their own strips.

But, better than talking about CuraCine, is to try it out.

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