Your movie poster, frame by frame.

A creative and unique way to decorate your walls. All the frames of a movie or TV series in one beautiful poster. Hang your favorite stories and remember them forever.
Discover beautiful posters
Discover beautiful posters

Entire movie stories through colorful lines.

Colorful posters that tell stories. Each of the lines represents a frame of the movie or TV series. Your favorite stories, immortalized by their own true colors.
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Picked through CuraCine, a curated list of the movies that stand out the most.

Our previous project consisted of a web app that highlights the best films and TV series based on their mastery, reaction they provoke and theme they fall into. Using the original categorization system we created, we can easily find movies and TV shows whose vibrant colors most identify them.

After selecting the ones that will be featured on posters, it's time to start processing them and generating their strips!

Strips are created. Colors pop out.

Each of the lines represents a frame of the movie or TV series. The result is magical: stories are now told through their colors.

Dazzling posters full of colors and stories to remember forever.

The best quotes and one-liners that echo in our minds. And because movies are not done whitout its directors, writers and actors, we wrap up with those details.

In black or white, with matte or luster photo paper, decorate your place with creative museum-quality posters. Don’t leave your walls strip naked. They deserve a bit of color and you'll love to remember with your friends the most remarkable scenes from your favorite stories.

Two posters is better than one.
If they’re sequels, even better.

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